Safety 1st  

When you think about setting up a Session, safety is of course important. So let's tackle some best practices / general rules of thumb. 👍 Neighbours are top notch but you still need to make sure they know all about your dog & your dog likes them. Or if you're helping out, that their dog is the right fit for you. This is what makes for happy dogs & humans.  

1. Pick the right human 

The consideration isn't just does this seem like a good human that I like and trust, but will my dog be comfortable & have fun? Or on the flip side, are me & this nugget going to have a good time / am I the right human to take care of this dog? So after you line up a Session, meet up beforehand somewhere public if you’ve never met / had a Session of some kind before. Odds are you live a few min away from each other & can easily meet up somewhere local. If it’s not the right fit, just cancel the Session.

2. Learn about the nugget

Tell them all about your nugget / make sure you know all about the dog you're looking after. If you're the owner, make sure your profiles are up to date so they have a reference to go off of should something come up and they can't speedily get hold of you to ask. Make sure your neighb feels comfortable beforehand. Don't scrimp on this section! On top of how to take care of your dog, offer suggestions on what to do with your dog, what they’re like indoors, snacks, toys, bad habits, required leash or harness, etc.

3. Gather any extra contact information or details

Gather any extra information you feel like you need to verify identity or keep your nugget safe, or simply get in touch. We never share addresses, full names or phone numbers, so if you want these details, please ask! We suspect no one will withhold this information if you ask. Houndr is grounded in shared vulnerability, in give and take. That said, you’ve always got chat & share images if you need to get in touch during a Session. We want you to get the details that make you feel comfortable.

4. Honest reviews & community 

Honestly review both humans & dogs for the betterment of the community! And vouch for each other so other neighbs know who can be trusted & see who has vouched for someone.


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