Here we answer big & small questions about Houndr. If your question isn't here, don't hesitate to reach out at helpme@gethoundr.com. 

1. Connect
2. Sessions
3. Payment & pricing
4. Safety
5. Miscellaneous


1. Connect 

What's a Circle? 

A Circle functions like your favourites — it’s a collective of humans you trust the most with your dog(s), and the dogs you love to look after the most. We always ask your Circle before your other neighbours. This is your everyday support system! These are humans you can count on, and dogs who bring you even more happiness / you like to hang out with. 

What if I don’t have a dog?

We need you! Your neighbours need you! If you love dogs, we think you should get your fill of cute dogs helping out your neighbours. Click here to find out how Houndr works if you are just looking to hang out  recreationally with all the neighbourhood dogs.

What if I’m not home? How does someone collect and return my dog?

It’s up to you how you feel the most comfortable giving someone access to your home when you aren’t there. Houndr isn't responsible for this access. We can say we like  products like Sesame or August Lock for those of you in condos where it’s not legal to replace your lock with, say, a keypad. You could also sort a lockbox. We'll be working to make this easier in the future; we have some ideas, we just need to get there.

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2. Sessions 

Why only 5 results?

We don’t think you need to weed through tens of results to find a nice human to help you out. We always prioritize asking your Circle (see above if you need clarification on the Circle) first. We want to reduce the stress of choice, or the exhaustion that can come from humming and hawing. And we want to make the decision quick and easy. Everyone on your list has said yes. No need to spend time asking. You just have to pick the human you’re happiest with given your request. Review profiles with reviews to help you get to know each neighbour better. If for whatever reason you’re not jazzed by the results, you can discard and we’ll keep knocking on doors to find you five new humans to choose from.

How long do the results last?

Short answer: right now they don't expire; the time that shows is actually a glitch in the code right now. (Beta life.) But in future it will be 5 hours. We bring together five humans who have said yes to helping you out. The results may take a bit of time to populate, and, as of the first option, will in the near future last 5 hours.

How long can you book Sessions in advance?

You can book 30 days in advance.

Can I message someone any time?

No. You can only message people within the context of a Session. 

Can I / how do I extend a Session?

You can! Once a Session is booked you can access the Session through the Sessions tab (🌵) and request to extend. Simply state how much extra time you’d like, and ask your neighbour who will agree or not. You can also extend once a Session has started! You can go about it the same way.

What if I need to cancel?

Things happen. You can cancel a Session any time after it is booked. In future we will have a fulsome cancellation policy that comes with penalties, but for now, you simply hit "Cancel" under the particular Session. We hope that until we can introduce this cancellation policy (as well as after) everyone respects each other's time, as well as the need to get their dogs cared for. If you cancel you put someone in a pickle, so just be mindful. 

What if I have more than 1 dog? Can one neighbour look after both dogs?

If you have two dogs, someone with 1 or no dogs can look after both. Bottom line: No one can have more than three dogs in their care. So if someone also has two dogs they won’t turn up in your results. In the near future you'll also have the option of seeking a Session for each dog, and have them taken out separately. Houndr only permits you to have one active Session at a time, looking after dogs. So if someone takes both of your dogs, know that they are not looking after any other dog on Houndr.

If you have three dogs, only a neighbour with no dogs can help you out. You may need to sort separate Sessions for each dog.

Houndr’s purpose is not to create gigs for humans to make substantial amounts of money. Houndr is about helping neighbours. We want to make sure the dogs get as much individual attention as possible, keeping both humans and dogs happy.

How much does it cost to add another dog to a Session? 

The second dog is an added $5 to the cost of the Session. It's a flat fee. 

How many dogs can I take out at a time?

Houndr only permits you to have 1 active Session at a time. And no one can have more than 3 dogs in his/her care. So if you have 1 or no dogs, you can help a neighbour who has 2 dogs. If you don’t have any dogs you can help a neighbour with three dogs. If you have two dogs, you can only have one other dog in your care. (I hope we didn't lose you there. Bottom line: no more than 3 dogs in anyone's care.)

Again, Houndr’s purpose is not to create gigs for humans to make substantial amounts of money. Houndr is about helping neighbours. We want to make sure the dogs get as much individual attention as possible, keeping both humans and dogs happy.


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A support system that actually makes our days easier is 100% life changing. We've all become way too accustomed to just figuring stuff out ourselves. The reality is we need each other.

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3. Pricing & payment

What’s the Happy Dog Fee?

We charge a 15% Happy Dog Fee to dog owners for each Session. This fee contributes to everything from service charges from Stripe, our payment processor, to technology, new features, staff, content, collaborations, + all the other things we do / hope to do to make life in cities with dogs even nicer.

How much does a Session cost?

We value affordability & neighbourliness. We think we should be able to help one another out without charging an arm and a leg. And the hope is that humans with dogs will both get & lend a hand. Give and take is magic! Everyone deserves an affordable everyday support system made up of the humans around them. But for that to happen we have to come together. The intent is for dog care to become very affordable so that we can make sure our dogs live their best lives!

Here is how our pricing breaks out according to time —   

$5 for the first half hour.
5¢ per minute afterwards, equalling $3 per hour.
Max $20 for 10 hours.
$25 for up to 24 hours. (We will be launching overnight stays shortly.) 

Plus the Happy Dog Fee (see above) and tax.
If you have a second dog, there is a flat $5 fee that would be added to the Session cost. 

How much will I make for a Session?

Not that you’re in it for the money. But generally speaking you’ll make enough to cover your coffees ☕  or a nice bottle of wine from the Vintages section. 🍷 Fancy! You make the cost of the Session less 15%, which we take as a fee to help us fund the service. This contributes to everything from service charges to technology, new features, staff, content, collaborations, + all the other things we do / hope to do to make life in cities with dogs even nicer.

When do I get paid?

Houndr issues payments  48 hours after the Session ends. It is delivered through Stripe. Management of all payment information is protected & encrypted through Stripe. We and they take this seriously. 

Who handles payment / how is this information stored? 

All payment details, whether bank account or credit card information, is handled by Stripe, one of the world's largest payment processors. So we don't hold this information. It's held by Stripe. Payment is always encrypted. You can find out more about Stripe's security policies here


4. Safety 

What’s your policy on removing neighbours?

We take safety seriously, and don’t tolerate bad actors on our service. We will review cases where there has been a complaint, and potentially remove said neighbour from the service or at the very least serve a warning. This could be both the human or the dog. Please also take a read of our Community Guidelines. We want Houndr to be a safe place. Be a nice human please. And make sure your dog(s) is nice too. 

How do I file a complaint, send a comment or suggestion, or report a post?

You can send us an email at helpme@gethoundr.com. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible, but definitely within 48 hours.  

How do you verify people?

We have a team that reviews each profile that’s created, and get in touch if any information is suspicious or incorrect. We are not robots! We verify through email address, credit card information & banking details, if you're helping others, and Facebook. Transparent reviews are also very important. Every Session is reviewed — both the human and dog are reviewed after each Session. It's mandatory and reviews can’t be hidden.

We also recommend meeting up with anyone you haven’t met before in advance of a Session to ensure the fit is good, and that you feel as comfortable as possible. We recommend meeting at a local park or somewhere central in your neighbourhood. If you're in the same building, maybe the lobby is a good spot. 


What if something goes wrong? Is there insurance?

We are currently in the works of securing insurance. We always recommend personal pet insurance. We have it for our dog and it has saved our bank accounts many times. If something goes wrong, please contact us at helpme@gethoundr.com and we will help as best we can resolve an issue, but ultimately it is between you and your neighbour. Please provide all relevant information about caring for your dog in their profile & chat with those looking after your dog before they go out together.


What do I do in case of emergency?

Contact the dog’s owner first followed by the veterinary clinic listed in the dog’s profile immediately. Always prioritize the dog’s safety. Our Terms of Service support you pursuing veterinary care for the dog in an instance where you can't get hold of an owner. We also recommend making sure you have the owner's phone number stored just in case.  


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5. Miscellaneous 

What’s with the hot dog?

It’s a dog!!! Ha! And it’s meant to be fun because having a dog and spending time with dogs in the city should be fun! But more than this, here, just as everyone is a neighbour, everyone can be represented by the hot dog, whether you’re human or canine. It’s egalitarian, ok?

What is "hounding" to Houndr / why the name? 

We like to say that we do the hounding for you. We knock on doors. B/c who really likes to do that? You just have to pick someone who's said yes. So Houndr is about taking the friction out of getting a hand from neighbours. B/c we get it makes sense to help each other out, we just need an easy way to make it happen w/ these people who frankly aren't our friends. (At least not yet.) So it's harder to open up and communicate and ask for help when we need it. 

All this to say, hounding is the act of locating people to help you out. We do that. Houndr is the place where you find who you need when you need them. That could be a human to help you out. Or it could be a dog! 

What’s with all the abbreviated words & emojis?

We want to talk to you like a neighbour just as we hope you’ll talk to one another like neighbours — in an informal and approachable way. How would you text a friend? Add the gifs & emojis! Don’t treat each other formally or as though you’re engaging in some impersonal transaction. This is a friendly place. We want cities to be friendlier. We want neighbours to get to know each other and wave to each other on the street. Stop and say hi! We need to build up some familiarity with each other! We think emojis and abbreviations help to break the ice and set the right tone.

Is Houndr available in other cities?  

Houndr is currently only available in Toronto, but we will expand to other cities soon. 

What about cats & other pets?

Coming soon ish! 🐈 🐢🐇 🦄 We're on it, though. 

Can I recommend friends and neighbours?

Heck yes!!! In future we'll have a referral program so that you can get a little something from us for sharing Houndr with others. For now, run it old school through text, email, social media, etc. We sure appreciate it. The more of us here, supporting each other day to day, the happier the humans and dogs will be. 


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