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Houndr makes it easy-as-pie for neighbours in the city to help each other out with the dogs. Find local community — brought to you by dogs. Founded by 2 city builders & urbanists in Toronto, we think critically about what kind of neighbrhoods we want to live in. And it’s not where no one knows each other & there’s 3 Starbucks.

We’re sharing a modern way to connect as neighbours day-to-day, knowing it’s tough to actually meet, get to know, connect when we need each other & sort logistics. That’s where we come in.

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Regularly find yourself in a pickle trying to get out with your hound? Stress no more over your scruff. Houndr connects you with trusty neighbours to walk your dog & keep them company. Whether 4 quick jaunts, medium-sized hangouts, weekend sleepovers, etc etc, we’re your go-to. Walks start @ $5 for 1/2 hour & hit a max of $25 for a sleepover.

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Join the network to hang out with dogs in your neighbourhood recreationally. Whether it’s ordinary strolls, hours-long hangouts or full-on weekend slumber parties, we’ve got you. Be the best kind of neighbour! Save the day. Get some dog friends in your life. And make a bit of dough for coffee & Netlix ORRR donate the pocket money you’d make to one of our partner animal rescues.

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