All kinds of things about us, inc. what makes us different.



We get by w/ a little help from our neighbours. 

Houndr started w/ a vision for a modern day support system that would shift how humans in cities look after their dogs / have dogs in their lives. We ask people to come together to do more, collaborating to 1. keep all the dogs happy & 2. make regular life nicer for each other. It’s like having sister wives but different. We call it Doing Something Nice.  

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We designed it for
regular life.

B/c you’re not superhuman or a millionaire. We hear it a lot — it can be hard to have a dog or feel like you could even adopt a chicken nugget shaped like a dog. Most of us have a lot going on, not a ton of disposable income, & very little support from other humans nearby. The fact is we need each other.




We're all neighbs who are a bit obsessed w/ dogs.

And there’s a lot of us. And a lot of us get stuck not knowing what to do with our dog. And a lot of us wish we could hang out with dogs / we have time to help someone out. We’re proximate. The other week I saw a neighb’s naked butt from my window, that’s how close. So of course we can collectively take the best care of every dog. We just aren't connecting properly. Until now. 

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Not the average bird  —

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Being neighbs

People here aren’t motivated to make $$$. B/c not everything is a gig. All humans on Houndr want companionship & to help  each other out. 

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It takes a neighbourhood to raise a dog. All sorts of ppl come together on Houndr to take the best care of every dog. That's a modern day support system.

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All in 1 place

Houndr is a utility powered by community. You can do everything here, every day, inc. ask, share, recommend things in the City feed. It's your new go-to for a nicer life in the city w/ dogs. 

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We circumvent human psychology.

We try to get humans out of their own way & make it easy and empowering to ask for help & offer it. We all like to avoid awkwardness and don’t want to bother others / inconvenience them / feel vulnerable. There’s a lot of almost / missed connections happening — someone almost knocked on a door or offered to help or took someone up on an offer. No more almosts.


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We made tech that connects you locally.

Here someone asks for a hand & other humans say yes & a powerful network forms. You do something for me & I do something for someone else who does something for another human, etc. Together we can make dogs happier, but we can make ourselves happier too. We weren’t meant to live this close to each other & not connect. Dogs weren’t meant be alone most of the day. Plus we're meant to be w/ dogs. What might happen when we not only accept that we need each other, but that we follow through & support each other? Magic.

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"Maybe people stay in Detroit b/c they know that the city heightens their need for their neighbours. Our vulnerability made us huddle together & we wanted to have to huddle together. Community is a reflex that's sharpened by necessity."

- Rollo Romig, The Village

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Doing something nice, together.

Let’s make regular life nicer. Let’s wave & be genuinely curious about each other & make time for ourselves & hang out w/ dogs & get outside more & know the dogs are having the best day & save money & make new friends. Let’s ask for a hand & say a big yes to helping out when we can. We can’t wait to see what can happen when we join forces.


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